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DataVita is excited to launch our new data centre in the iconic 177 Bothwell Street, bringing one of the most resilient, secure, environmentally sustainable and best-connected data centres to the heart of Glasgow's city centre.


At DataVita, we aim to lead the way in multi-cloud and data center solutions. Our innovative, reliable, and sustainable offerings are transforming how businesses operate. We are not just housing data. We are shaping the future. We create a more sustainable and adaptable digital world with every cloud, data center, and solution.


We are committed to becoming the definitive authority for multi-cloud and data centers in the UK. We will redefine the industry by setting new technological ingenuity, adaptability, and sustainability standards. We will transform perceptions and expectations by becoming synonymous with unparalleled service, market-shaping innovation, and an unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility.  We envision a future where DataVita sets the standard for excellence in the industry and catalyzes groundbreaking change.


Sustainable: Championing a greener digital future with energy efficiency, waste reduction, and carbon neutrality.

Adaptable: Seamlessly merging the agility of a start-up with the prowess of an industry titan.

Reliable & Unshakable: A beacon of trust, striving to be the unparalleled leader in data centres and hosting.

Ingenious: Pioneering technology, driving unrivalled efficiency, and scaling innovations for our client's success.

Hosting your HPC workloads in Scotland can bring significant benefits
decrease in carbon emissions
reduced hosting costs

DataVita are experts in providing hosting solutions for High-Performance Computing (HPC).

Our data centres are designed to manage up to 200kW per rack.
We cater especially to advanced AI IT infrastructure and Machine Learning (ML) applications.
Designed to support the latest in air- and water-cooling technology, ensuring optimal performance for complex and demanding workloads.

"We recognise that each deployment is unique, and our approach is to collaborate closely with our clients to develop the ideal environment for their specific needs."

Danny Quinn, Managing Director, DataVita

Our Solution

Capable of supporting up to200kW per rack

Support a mix of air- and water-cooling technologies, including direct to chip cool

High levels of physical security for audit and compliance

Team of dedicated deployment and relocation experts

Located in one of the lowest carbon intense regions in the UK

Low latency connectivity to all major EU data centre hubs

100% SLA available

Bespoke designed solution

Room to grow with over 100MW of power available

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